Hexagon Alphacam


It Is a leading Cam software for Art Work, Stone Machining, Wood Carvers. This Includes different Modules Such as.

  • ALPHACAM Stone
  • ALPHACAM Router
  • ALPHACAM Milling

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ALPHACAM Art - CNC Routing For Artists & Ideal Jewellery Cad Cam Software

ALPHACAM Art combines Vectric’s Aspire artistic design software with the market leading ALPHACAM manufacturing software.

ALPHACAM Art is a full featured, easy to use solution for users wanting fast creation of 3D relief models with quick, efficient tool path creation and the generation of reliable, machine ready CNC code.

Who should use ALPHACAM Art?

  • Wood carvers
  • Sign makers
  • Furniture manufacturers
  • Cabinet makers
  • Model makers
  • Jewellers
  • Architectural model makers
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Solid Surface Fabricators
  • Engravers
  • 3D Sculptors and Artists

Alphacam Stone

Specifically Designed For Machining Stone

Core Foundation

ALPHACAM is one of the leading and most established suppliers of CAD CAM software for the stone industry. ALPHACAM Stone has been specifically developed to address the unique challenges encountered when machining marble and stone. From CNC machining simple kitchen worktops to complex three-dimensional stone carvings, ALPHACAM Stone is the tool of choice for the modern stone craftsman.

Art Work

Art work can be digitized and text can be easily sized and wrapped around a base geometry for sign and grave stone machining. Conical shaped tools, either with a flat bottom or point, can be used to 3D engrave any art work. This machining technique is similar to contouring, apart from when the tool comes to a point, at which time it pulls out of the part towards the point and then back again, leaving a sharp corner, often referred to as embossing. Any 2D toolpaths generated, including art work, can be projected onto a 3D surface, allowing the tool to rise and fall with the form. The projection of tool paths is fully supported up to and including full 5-axis, in which case the tool can also be kept normal to surface.

ALPHACAM Router - Easy To Use Software For Programmming CNC Routers

Ease-of-use is just one of the reasons that ALPHACAM is the industry standard and system of choice for programming CNC routers. Tooling and machining techniques unique to this industry are accommodated by ALPHACAM’s dedicated Router modules.

ALPHACAM is a completely integrated CAD CAM software solution with advanced features. It is designed to offer your business enhanced productivity, exceptional reliability and additional flexibility.

ALPHACAM’s ongoing program of development and enhancement ensures it not only keeps pace with the changing needs of users throughout the woodworking industry, but also delivers maximum return on your CAM investment.

ALPHACAM also offers you the latest front end CAD part modelling facilities via our solid modeller.

ALPHACAM Milling - Reliable 2-Axis To 5-Axis Milling Software

ALPHACAM is leading CAM software for milling from 2-Axis through to 5-Axis programming. The emphasis behind the development of ALPHACAM is to provide our customers with productivity, reliability and flexibility.

All ALPHACAM modules are built using one core foundation which includes geometry creation commands such as line, arc, circle, rectangle, polygon, ellipse, spline and polyline together with surface creation options. Other features include intelligent snapping functions such as end, mid, center, intersect, tangent, quadrant and auto. Import options for DXF, DWG, IGES and a variety of solid model formats ensure compatibility with other CAD systems. There are also various geometry editing functions including undo, redo, move, copy, rotate, mirror, scale, break, trim, explode, join, extend, fillet, chamfer and offset. All modules have user defined tool and material libraries controlling many of the important machining parameters such as tool direction, automatic lead in and lead out, corner cut options (straight, roll round or loop), G41/42 tool compensation and automatic calculation of speeds and feeds.